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Products & Services
Audio Cassette Duplication
Riviera CD Over 30 years Experience View Sample of Audio Cassette Duplication.
Riviera CD Standard Lead Time 5 – 10 Business Days
Riviera CD Duplication for Voice and Music Recordings
Riviera CD BASF Quality Tape: 3 Grades – Ferro (Voice), Ferric (Music),
and Chrome
Riviera CD Lenco U.S. Made Quality Shells – Any Color
Riviera CD On Shell Printing or Custom Labels
Riviera CD Printing of J-Cards
Riviera CD Packaging, Assembly and Shrink-wrapping

Video Tape Duplication
Riviera CD Over 30 Years Experience View Sample of Video Tape Duplications.
Riviera CD One of the Largest Video Duplication Facilities in the U.S.
Riviera CD Duplication in all Major Formats
Riviera CD Printing of Spine & Face Labels
Riviera CD Packaging and Assembly